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AOL Huffington Post – Joins the Exaggerated False Media Club – That censors/removes Factual Comments

Trendsetters, I have some bad news – The Huffington Post has joined the Low Class ‘Tabloid’ Style Media group that promotes/Exaggerates stories under false pretenses – Pardon the Expression, but this media outlet has really “Gone To The Dogs!”

Why So do you ask – Well yesterday, I posted a comment on the ‘Comment Board’ relating to the following video – trying to correct the ‘Beat Up’ story that was:
“Dog Bouncing Up And Down Through Wheat Field May Be The Happiest Hound Ever (Video)”

My comment was that the dog was merely just trying to see it’s owner after he or she threw something in the long grass.

I also made the remark that the Huffington Post should not post and promote such a misleading headline and / or story.

Well today, I received a reply from another reader of the same story stating that I’m the winner of the ‘Negative’ Award.

My automatic response was to click on the link to reply to her comment – But there lied the problem. After logging and scolling down all the other comments to find mine- I noticed that my comment had been removed – even though hers was still there!

However, there was still an option to rely to her comment – Which I did just stating that the dog was just jumping to see the owner, the reader who replied to my original comment should get the ‘Naive’ Award and the Huffington Post should get one for ‘Censorship’

Guess what the Huffington Posts response was within a few seconds? Yes, no rocket science needed here – They removed my new comment as well.

In other words, The AOL Huffington Post will censor any comments that just merely states the truth – The Facts

How bad is that?

It’s no wonder that many Internet Readers are now starting to look elsewhere for their news etc,

Having said that – One positive way we could all look at it – The more the AOL Huffington Post promotes CRAPPY misleading stories – The less readers – The less value, the more opportunity for the original founders

Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti to buy it back and restore some creditability back into the website!

So Keep Up the Good Work AOL – Keep showing the inaccurate/false and over exaggerated stories. Keep also censoring any comments that question you by stating the facts!

Maybe there’s truth is the saying about AOL – “How do you make AOL successful in a medium to small business? _ GIVE THEM A BIG ONE!

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This entry was posted on January 18, 2012 by in General News Stories.
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