Busted prostitutes in Nanning turn out to be men

All 14 prostitutes caught by the police in South China’s Nanning city in a recent raid turned out to be men, a police officer said on Tuesday.

Busted prostitutes in Nanning turn out to be men

Undercover cops got more than they bargained for during a crackdown on prostitution in Nanning, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Jan 7, 2012. Fourteen ‘ladies of the night’ arrested by police in a sting turned out to be cross-dressing men. The sex workers, dressed in fishnet stockings, boots and low cut dresses added handcuffs to their fashion accessories after the vice raid by police.

After investigation, we found some of the prostitutes underwent a sex-change operation, and some were homosexuals,” said a deputy director of the Xingning branch of Nanning police bureau surnamed Huang, who declined to give his full name.

All of the prostitutes have been released after interrogation, Huang said.

The prostitutes were caught on Saturday evening after dozens of plainclothes police officers and patrol officers, divided into three groups, launched a sudden raid on the busy area near Chaoyang Road, according to the local Nanguo Morning Post.

Despite heavy make-up and long wigs, their big Adam’s apples and low voices revealed their sex.

“I just like to dress like a woman on the street and meet male strangers, who flirt with me and call me a ‘mistress’. What’s wrong with it?” said one of the prostitutes, when questioned by the police, according to the newspaper


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