$150 Roadhog burger just the appetiser for Nindigully pub New Year’s Eve celebrations

That’s Australia !


FARE DEAL: The Nindigully pub near St George has a free New Year’s Eve party but if you’re peckish the legendary Roadhog burger will test your wallet.



Roadhog burger

                                                                        DON’T HOG IT: An aerial view of the Roadhog burg

THE enormous 14kg Roadhog burger will cost you $150, but the New Year’s Eve party is free if you can get to the Nindigully pub tonight.

The tiny outback town – 45km from St George on the southwest Queensland-NSW border – will swell from its five local residents to more than 5000 for the New Year’s Eve bash.

The country pub has been operating for 147 years “come hell or high water”, and the new year’s party will go on for the next two days.

But high waters ended the party a year ago as floods lapped a couple of centimetres below the rustic building’s veranda.

Nindigully’s regular musician and helper Adam Kilpatrick said the pub had been a rallying point for the community.

“Everything pretty much shuts down when it rains out here, but the pub remains open. We’d paddle in on kayaks then sit there and make the best of the situation, and then hope that the tourists come back out after to help you clean it up,” he told The Courier-Mail.

 NEW Year’s Eve is the biggest party night of the year and there are plenty of ways to celebrate. We take a look at the best spots to spend this much-hyped annual ritual.


“The fish are biting. We went fishing yesterday and caught a few yellowbelly,” he said.

The pub has 120 to 150 people already camping out.

“The bar staff are buggered already,” Mr Kilpatrick said.

As well as the Roadhog, the pub also offers a massive 25kg B-double beef burger.

“It feeds about 24 people. You have to order that a few days in advance as the buns are custom made by the St George bakery,” Mr Kilpatrick said


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