Who wants to see a video of Australian Police at their WORST-Bashing Two men for driving offences!

BUT, I wonder what would cause the Police Officers to resort to this type of violence?  – Frustration because of the in-effective soft punishments that the courts/law gives to these Hoons and/or young offenders?

In other words, resorting to give out violent punishment to those who don’t give a shit about laws and constantly flout them – in  hope the message might sink in to these idiots. Which many of  these type of Hoons end up killing others after losing control their cars in high speed races and ‘Burn Outs’

Although this type of violence should not be in anyway condoned, maybe the ‘Soft Cock’ courts & justice system that just give ‘Smack on the Wrists’ to these young idiots, should bear some of the responsibility in making this totally over reactive violence by these police officers!

Bring Back the  ‘Chain Gang’ system I reckon!  Put these disrespectful idiots that are constantly repeating such dangerous crimes – In Chains, working on the country rail roads, picking up trash on the side of highways where other members of the public can verbally abuse them!

OR better still, cleaning Graffiti off walls with a TOOTHBRUSH!


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