Scam artists used milk to ‘fix’ driveway


A GANG that scammed money out of elderly people across the UK by using milk to “seal” their driveways has been jailed after filming themselves bragging about the con.

Brian Tomney, 29, from Salford, northern England, and three other members of his family were caught after boasting on camera about how they had charged a 78-year-old man £800 ($US1280) for sealing his driveway.

In fact, the chemical the gang said it had used was nothing more than milk diluted with some water.

“Eight hundred pounds for that bottle of milk,” one of the con artists can be heard saying as they filled an industrial size container with a “special sealant” of milk and water used on the drive in Stockport, northern England.

Retired accountant and grandfather-of-four Brian Smith, now 80, said, “After I was told that the liquid was water and milk I felt like a fool for being taken in by it”.

Tomney was jailed for 15 months at Preston Crown Court after admitting conspiracy to commit fraud and tax evasion totaling £120,000. He is already serving a jail term for conning an 88-year-old woman who had Alzheimer’s into selling him her £70,000 home for £17,000.

Tomney’s uncle, Francis Tomney Snr, 55, was jailed for five and a half years while his 21-year-old sons, Francis Tomney Jnr and Thomas Tomney, were imprisoned for five years and four and a half years, respectively.

Another set of hapless criminals from northern England was behind bars today after posting images on Facebook that showed them posing with luxury cars they had stolen.

Damon Keegan, 20, and Aaron Wilhelm, 18, committed burglaries and car thefts totaling £200,000, but were caught after Wilhelm changed his Facebook profile picture to an image of himself posing in front of a victim’s stolen car.


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