Australia will be islamic country by 2030


ASALLAM WALIKUM (asking advice from Allah)  to all muslim brothers

Australia will be islamic country by 2030, yes, this is the truth and reasons are :

1 We are migrating from pakistan to australia in large numbers of proportion,this means large number of muslims are getting settled down in australia
2 peoples from mid east islamic nation are coming to australia and getting permanent residency this further adds muslim population in australia
3 we are marying with whites in large number of proportion,this means our white spouses will be coverted into islamic religion and we will have our islamic children.this further will keep on multiplying
4 australian government have great demand of nuclear scientist and engineers from pakistan.because pakistani scientist and engineers are best in the whole world.
INSHA ALLAH australia will be next islamic country and we will go to any extent to bring our dreams true!


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