Man exposes himself at MacDonald’s.

 A 20-YEAR-OLD Dalby man was turned into the punch line of his own bad joke early Friday morning, when he was caught exposing himself at the drive-through window of a McDonalds restaurant.

Sergeant Clint Ryan said staff at McDonalds on Condamine St.Dalby, called police about 1.30am and reported seeing a man, who was on foot, exposing himself.

It is understood the restaurant required all patrons to order through the drive-through after hours and that the man was walking through with friends when he let fly.

 Police arrived immediately and viewed video footage at the restaurant, identifying the 20-year-old.

The man accompanied police back to the station where he advised them that his reason for exposing himself was not for a sexual act.

Rather, the man insisted he was simply showing his friends a tattoo on his penis, bearing the words “Your name”.

The 20-year-old received a Public Nuisance Infringement Notice carrying a $300 fine


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