Assault charge after licking knee graze of women who tripped

LICKING a wound is commonly believed to be beneficial, but not for one construction worker.

Martin Soto is facing a charge of assault after allegedly licking the scraped knee of a woman who had fallen and hurt herself.

The bizarre incident began when the woman tripped and fell, scarping her left knee, as she walked to her car in a parking lot.

 While on the ground, three men working at an adjacent building site drove up in a golf cart to see if the woman needed assistance.

 One of the workers helped the woman to her feet and she walked to her car.

The victim told police that “two of the subjects drove back towards the construction site, but a third one did not,” a Chandler Police Department report states.

That man, identified as Martin Soto, approached the woman as she sat in her car with the driver’s side door open.

Soto, 43, “asked to see her knee and if she needed medical help.”

The woman, whose name has been withheld, said that, “not thinking about it,” she “rolled up her jeans exposing the scrape on her knee.”

As she did, Soto “bent over and licked her scrape.”

The woman, describing herself as “freaked out,” quickly pulled the leg of her jeans down.

The woman then alleged Soto began to hug her and he “licked the left side of her face several times” before the woman pushed him away and shut her car door.

Soto, when confronted by police called in to investigate, “admitted to licking” the woman’s knee. He was then arrested and booked for assault.

After appearing before a Chandler Municipal Court judge, Soto was freed on his own recognizance.





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