Anti-depressants-1 in 10 Americans take them.

File photo of antidepressant pills.

More than one in 10 Americans (11%) older than 12 take the drugs, the majority of them for depression.

  • That marks a 400% increase since 1988 and makes antidepressants the most commonly used drug for people ages 18 to 44.
  • Less than one-third of those on antidepressants have seen a mental health professional in the last year.

 Women are more likely than men to take the drugs, and 23% of females ages 40 to 59 do so.

  • About 14% of whites take antidepressants, versus 4% of blacks and 3% of Mexican-Americans.
  • More than 60% of those on the medication have been taking it for more than two years.
  • Only about one-third of people with symptoms of severe depression are taking them.

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