Is Your Husband in Touch with His Ex?

You know your husband is still in touch with his ex, either because you accidentally discovered it or have known about it since the beginning. And you trust him, but you can’t quiet the niggling fear that your husband might cheat on you with her. That’s why you want them to have no contact, whatsoever.

So, what should you do?

Don’t Fight with Your Husband
No, a confrontation won’t help even though it’s one of the first things you’ll feel like doing. Your husband will only hit back with excuses like ‘We’re just friends’ or ‘We talk only once in a while’. It’s better to quietly observe the situation and check if you have anything to be worried about – like an affair – before you confront him.

Don’t Blow Things Out of Proportion
If you behave like your husband’s relationship with his ex is the biggest issue between the two of you, you’ll be accused of making a big deal out of nothing and end up giving the relationship undue importance. Instead, have a mature discussion and then continue to behave normally, it’ll show your husband that you trust him and you’re secure about your marriage.

Play It Smart
Your in-laws may be of some help to you here (about time isn’t it?). Confide in your mother-in-law or sister-in-law and ask for help. They can also apply subtle pressure on your husband by making their disapproval known. He’ll find it difficult to stand up to two or three of you more than just you.

See a Marriage Councellor
If your husband is too deeply involved with his ex-girlfriend, seeing a marriage counsellor may be a good idea. Sometimes truth hits home the hardest when it comes from a stranger and seeing the therapist reiterate what you’ve all been telling your husband may just jolt him out of the mess.

If you think your husband has too close a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, talk to him first. Chances are, you’re worrying for nothing.


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