Chinese Man Has Eel Surgically Removed from Urethra

A poor, poor….VERY poor man in China has to deal with an uninvited guest after taking a dip in a pool filled with eels.

Eel Chinese Man Has Eel Surgically Removed from Urethra picture

By uninvited guest I mean eel, and by deal with, I mean have extracted from his urethra.

A 56-year old Zhang Nan decided to take a dip in a bath filled with eels, believing this bizarre homeopathic treatment wherein eels eat dead skin. Upon entering , the eels swarmed over him, one of which decided to seek refuge in his urethra.

Noticing a sharp pain…down there, he reached down and saw what was transpiring. After what one can only presume was a freak out of epic proportions, Zhang reached down and attempted to pull the eels out, but the slippery sucker wriggled free and disappeared up the urethra.

Zhang immediately left the spa and went to the hospital where doctors performed a three-hour operation to extract the invader from his most sacred of body cavities. According to the doctor, the eel was able to infiltrate the urethra, which is naturally much narrower than the eel, due to its slippery texture.

At least it wasn’t the candiru, a fish that can allegedly swim up your urine stream and lodge itself in the urethra. Men, commence cringing.


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