Hired hit man fell in love with his victim… then faked her death with tomato ketchup

The would-be hit man used ketchup. Click to see the next (fake graphic) photo of the staged scene.

In a twist that many soap opera writers would probably reject for being too unrealistic, a Brazilian hit man faked his victim’s death after falling in love with her.

 The man, hired by a housewife to kill a woman she believed was having an affair with her husband, confessed the plot to his intended victim’. He took a photo of the woman tied up, smeared with ketchup, and holding a machete in her underarm, and sent it to the housewife as proof that he had killed his target.

Only three days later, however, the housewife spotted the hit man kissing the supposedly dead woman and went to police, accusing the hired killer of having stolen his $1,000 fee. She was charged with making threats to kill, and the new lovers were charged with extortion. “In eight years of policing I’ve never heard anything like it,” said the sheriff in the small town in eastern Brazil, while a local shopkeeper wonders: “Could Maria not see that the knife was in the woman’s armpit


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