Mega-brothel plan ‘Too big’:Rejected

A proposal for what would have been Australia’s largest brothel has been unanimously rejected by the City of Sydney Council .

The full council last night considered an application for the Stiletto bordello at Camperdown, in the city’s inner west.

The plans from developer Artazan Property Group would have massively expanded the existing Parramatta Road brothel to 40 working rooms and 21 waiting rooms.

All 10 councillors voted against allowing the expansion to proceed.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore told the meeting there was little doubt such a large brothel would have an impact of its neighbours.

“The intensification of use by way of additional floor area and rooms will have an adverse impact on the character and the amenity of the neighbouring residential area,” Councillor Moore said.

“I’m concerned about the impact that a brothel of this size will have on nearby residents. And I want to stress that, it’s a brothel of this size.”

Council officers had reported the business had a record of good management since it opened in 2002, but the meeting heard there were some residents who did not agree.

The council received 80 public submissions on the plans before they were considered last night.

“Residents have told councillors about the impacts from traffic and antisocial behaviour. Those impacts are expected to increase if the size is doubled. It is the size I think that is of great concern,” Councillor Moore said.

“I believe that this development is inconsistent with our vision for our city, frankly.”

Councillor Shayne Mallard referred to the proposal as the “Westfield of brothels”, and questioned whether the city needs more specific guidelines to restrict the size of such businesses.

“Other cities like Brisbane and Melbourne have restrictions on the size of the brothels, as well as well as different types of zoning for them,” Councillor Mallard said.

“I suggest that we do review this as part of the city plan if not after that to look at that very issue, because I don’t think this is the first mega-brothel application we’ve had in the city and we need to be better prepared for it.”

Several councillors made clear they supported the operation of registered brothels within the city, but not of the size proposed.


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