Australian Enviro Group swells for boycott of Coca-Cola products

Another environmental group is calling for Coca-Cola products to be boycotted because of a threat by the company to challenge Northern Territory container deposit scheme.

In January, the Territory Government will introduce a 10 cent refund for recycled containers to try to cut litter and encourage recycling.

Coca-Cola Amatil has said it will challenge the laws because it is illegal to have different rules across Australian jurisdictions.

The Arid Lands Environment Centre’s Jimmy Cocking says the boycott is largely symbolic but may affect the company’s decisions.

“What it does, it sends a message to them, even though it is a small one,” he said.

“It raises awareness to people that Coca-Cola is a big beverage manufacturer … they are a massive seller of their products here in the Territory, especially out in communities.”
Mr Cocking says people should stop buying the company’s products.

“We see them as being an environmental vandal in the way they are going about it,” he said.

“Their litter is everywhere, whether it is their water bottles, their alcohol products or their soft drinks range.

“This is the last straw for Coca-Cola.

“We want them to just suck it up.”


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