Donations & Boat People – A message received from a concerned Australian!

Editors Note: We are not sure how accurate the following statements/accusations are, therefore we do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the information noted below. Further more, we do not support or condone the information. In this case, we are only just merely the “Messenger”. All corrections and comments are welcome…..

Subject: A MUST READ…donations…boats

In Queensland , 200,000 persons were displaced because of the floods and cyclones in February 2011 as well as since then, because some areas in the Far North are still flooding.

Two hundred and forty nine million dollars ($249,000,000) were raised in the second largest public appeal since the Victorian bushfires of two summers ago. More than $300,000,000 was raised Australia-wide for those fire victims.

In BOTH cases money still has NOT been distributed — or it has been allocated to public areas which it is assumed were NEVER intended to receive money that was raised for the benefit of individual Australians and Australian families displaced by either fire or flood.

However, on Christmas Island, illegal immigrants — boat people — call them what you will, SET FIRE TO THE ACCOMMODATION THEY were given by the Australian government and now they will be housed in first class hotels and motels ON THE MAINLAND while tax-paying Australians are still displaced in their thousands!

Three hundred boat people have been housed at the RAAF Sherger Air Base in Weipa.

·       All are being accepted into Australia .
·       All are men.
·       All receive the pension same as our pensioners.
·       All get the same amount again for hardship payment – this equals twice what our pensioners get!
·       All receive an extra $50 a day for spending money. WTF?
·       Security staff are employed to watch them.
·       Chefs are employed to feed them (one quarter of a tonne of chicken a day alone is cooked.
*They won’t pick up their own rubbish.
*There was a massive dispute because they didn’t like the radio station.
*Another dispute because batteries were flat for the Nintendo games.
*Tents set up for mosque prayers had to be air conditioned.
*The Bores/Wells set up to run RAAF Sherger adequately, are now dry because taps are left running all day long.
*Sewerage systems now blocked with condoms (?) supplied to them (and all of them are men remember).
*Dept of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) wants the Dept of Defence to pay all of the bills, so that the Government can hide the costs of allowing three hundred refugees into the country, from tax-paying Australians.
Australian taxpayers need to know.

Now the PM wants to introduce another tax to pay for the floods, because the Government does not have enough money to look after its own taxpayers. What is wrong with this government?

Congratulations, Ms Gillard, you fool!

Every day you are in power is another day of debt and destruction for us Australians — the TAX PAYERS!

You should pass this on, just in case you have friends who really do have their heads in the sand.


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