Uniqlo -The branded clothing with highly toxic chemicals

To read about the dangerous TOXIC chemical is branded clothing like Uniqlo, please look at:



Fast Retailing, the operator of cheap-chic clothing chain Uniqlo, said Wednesday that it aimed to open 200-300 stores per year worldwide as part of efforts to ramp up its global presence.

The company also said it aimed to boost its sales to 1.7 trillion yen by 2015, a two-fold jump from 836 billion yen the company projected for the year to August 2011.

The company, which began as a small clothing shop for men in Yamaguchi Prefecture under the father of current chief executive Tadashi Yanai, will open its two largest outlets in the world in New York in October.

A Uniqlo mega-store—the seventh global flagship outlet of the clothing chain and boasting the largest floorspace of all Uniqlo stores—will open on October 14 on Fifth Avenue.

Another mega-store, its second-largest, will open on 34th Street on Oct 21.

The company currently operates stores in New York’s Soho district, London, Paris, Shanghai and Taipei, in addition to Japan where Fast Retailing has 840 outlets.


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