Chinese Internet Activist Sentenced to Nine Months Prison

A Beijing court, on Sept. 9, sentenced Chinese rights activist Wang Lihong to nine months in prison for creating a disturbance outside of a courthouse in Fuzhou, in the southern province of Fujian, in April of 2010 where three Internet activists were on trial.

Wang said she would appeal her sentence.

Nearly 200 people, including many foreign journalists and five EU attachés, gathered outside of the Wenyuhe courthouse early on Sept. 9, as Wang’s case has drawn both international and domestic attention. The court set up a cordon early in the morning to prevent people and reporters from entering the courthouse.

Wang’s son, Qi Jianxiang, told The Epoch Times that the verdict was originally scheduled to be read at 9 a.m., but was moved to 8:30 a.m. Five people, including family members and attorneys, appeared in court to hear the judge read the verdict.

The judge said that during a trial


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