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Aussie blokes lie about bedroom prowess

By Jessica Craven- Herald Sun

AUSTRALIA  is a nation of fibbers – the average adult tells three porkies a day.

Blokes are most likely to lie about their performance in the bedroom, with nearly all male respondents saying they exaggerate how many women they’ve slept with.

The findings, part of a survey by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, showed women preferred to downplay their sexual history.

The average adult tells three lies a day, with partners being the most likely recipients of the untruths, and colleagues and friends next in line.

The most popular porkies were about the liar’s whereabouts and whether household chores had been done.

We’re also fond of lying on the job, with more than a third of those surveyed admitting to regularly lying about their workload to make life easier in the office.

Psychologist Dr Pene Schmidt said people lied for different reasons and lies were motivated by what benefits they could provide.

“There are a whole range of reasons for why, but the bottom line is that we generally lie when we believe there is a payoff for doing so,” Dr Schmidt said.

“It can be to avoid different situations or to manipulate people.

“It can be about not wanting to expend energy on explaining something.”

People also lied to make themselves look better to others.

“We use it to pump ourselves up and make our achievements look better than they actually are,” Dr Schmidt said.

A spokesman for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment said two-thirds of those surveyed didn’t think they were very good at lying, but would “try to lie if it helped to make their lives a bit easier


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