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Australia – Graeme John Slattery was a sadist well before he kept a woman prisoner as his ‘slave’ in the garage

His assaults included allegations she had been forced to eat cow manure and Slattery’s faeces, that she had been made to

bang her head against walls, a tree, a cafe window, a lamp post and a concrete block, punch herself in the ears,

drink motor oil and eat snails.

Graeme Slattery has an awful history of violence, manipulation and cruelty.

Graeme Slattery has an awful history of violence, manipulation and cruelty. Source: News Limited

GRAEME John Slattery became a sadist before he became a teenager.

By the time he was 11 or 12 his two younger sisters remember childhood bullying turning into something far more sinister.

It was about that time, during beachside family holidays at Balgowan, on the Yorke Peninsula, that his nasty streak began to badly frighten the girls.

They remember him throwing fish guts and blood into the water to try to attract sharks while his nine-year-old sister was learning how to swim near the jetty.

Read The Full Story Here: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/graeme-john-slattery-was-a-sadist-well-before-he-kept-a-woman-prisoner-as-his-slave-in-the-garage-of-his-warrnambool-house/story-fnii5smp-1226914860686?sv=5dff59626e227837c89dfad668f1abf1

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